Bi Visibility Day 2020

Come join us on Saturday 19th September for The Bi+ Gathering from 10.30am – 6pm for a virtual community event in celebration of Bi Visibility Day. All bi+ people and our allies are welcome to join us for a day of online fun, activities, talks and workshops. The Bi+ Gathering Time: Session: Platform: 10:30am – … Read more

Bi Furious Test

When we started the Scottish Bi+ Network, our first event was a film screening, and since then we’ve ended up doing a lot about bi+ representation in the media. Two of the questions we get asked a lot are: Why is representation so important? And what do we mean when we as a community ask … Read more

Bi Visibility Month 2019

Bi Visibility Month Round Up! September is always a busy month for us, as the bi+ community gets the visibility it so desperately needs. This year was extra special, because the first Bi Pride UK took part in London on the 7th of September. We also hosted our own Bi Visibility Day event, and helped … Read more


Unless you’ve been living in a cabin in the woods, isolated from society for the last few years, you can’t have missed the increasing hate towards trans and non-binary people in the mainstream media, and from organisations and individuals on social media. Their basic human rights are being threatened and oppressed, and trans and non-binary … Read more

Scottish Bi+ Network turns one!!!

It’s been a busy year for us, and we can’t believe that it’s September again!Founded by three people who kept saying ‘someone should really do that,’ we went and did it.Set up to provide support and resources for Scottish bi+ people, and the general public, we’ve been busy organising events, attending prides, and liaising with … Read more

Bi+ at the fringe

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is now underway and we are pleased to report that there are a number of Bi+ themed shows and Bi+ performers! Below is a list of the shows we are aware of so far. Algorithms: “A bisexual Bridget Jones for the online generation.” Venue 33, Pleasance Courtyard, £11 Bi-Cycle: “A spin … Read more

Bi Representation at Pride

What is now referred to as the first pride march was organised by an openly bi activist, Brenda Howard.She was known as ‘The Mother of Pride’ and she organised a rally for the first anniversary of the Stonewall riots, which started the tradition of pride marches and celebrations that we know today. So why do … Read more

A Very Bi+ Awards Season

Usually we’re lucky if we get one film a year, with Moonlight and Call Me By Your Name bringing award-winning bi+ representation to our screens in the past couple of years.This year, twenty-bi-teen is living up to its name. The awards season is coming to a close with the Oscars tonight, and for the first … Read more

Bi+ Flags

Flying the Bi Flag The rainbow or pride flag has become synonymous with the LGBTI+ community (and by some incorrectly associated with just the gay community). Over time many more flags have been created and adopted to represent groups of people within the LTBTI+ umbrella. Even within the Bi+ community there are various flags to … Read more

Review of The Bisexual

Ask almost any bi person what they want in a character, and they will tell you that they want them to say the word, to have a character that can’t have their bisexuality explained away as ‘just a phase’ or a ‘stepping stone to gayness’.Desiree Akhavan’s new comedy drama has done one better, it not … Read more