Bi on the Fringe 2022

Details of a couple of shows on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022 which may be of interest.

Having skimmed through the Edinburgh Fringe listings for this year, we have noted a couple of shows that have stood out to us with bi+ performers.

If you know of any additional shows for us to include here, or have reviews of these shows please let us know.

Robyn Perkins brings her stand-up show: ‘Million Dollar Maybe’ to Teviot throughout August:

“Think you’re tough? Funny? Bisexual? Prove it. Sounds ridiculous? This show weaves together the stories of a sexual orientation scientist and an award-winning comedian, both trying to prove just that. This is a show about confidence, misinformation, bi-visibility and an American dad named Ralph.”

Tickets from £7.50:

We are planning to meet up to see this show on Wednesday 17th August, 5pm.
Details to follow shortly.

Flyer for the show Let's Get Friz Frizzle (to the tune of "Let's Get Physical")
The image is Friz at a keyboard and microphone, on a pink background.
Friz Frizzle, brings their show about being an autistic non-binary bisexual to the Fringe.
The musical comedian's show Let's Get Friz Frizzle (To The Tune Of 'Let's Get Physical') is at Whistlebinkies throughout August. 

The show is free / pay what you want. Further details here: