We have Badges!

If you seen us at any of our events recently you will know we have built up a large range of designs of pin badges. We sometimes run out of particular designs so after numerous requests we are now able to send out badges through the post

We do not yet have an online store but you can donate via PayPal and indicate what badges you would like sent out. Further details below.

How to order:
* Pick your badge designs – making a note of the description below the image.
* Choose what size – we can provide badges in three sizes.
* Total up your donation – we ask for £1 per small badge, £1.50 for medium and £2 for large – plus £1 per order to cover the cost of postage.
* Head to our PayPal donate page and enter your choice of badges, sizes and delivery details.
Any queries please contact us before ordering.

Please support our artists. We have commissioned a number of artists from the LGBTQ+ community design artwork especially for some of our badges. Please visit them on social media or their stores too to see more of their work and a range of merchandise.

If the badge design you are after appears to be missing, drop us a message and we can make custom designs too. More designs will be added soon.

Some have asked if we can send out flags – yes we can!
Drop us a message first to check if we have them in stock and we will get back to you.

UK only