What’s In A Name?

Bi+and the ‘Bi+ umbrella’ are inclusive terms used to describe anyone who experiences attraction to multiple genders.

Graphic of the Bi Plus Umbrella including terms Polysexual, Pansexual, Queer, Fluid, Bi-curious, Multisexual, Questioning, Hetroflexible, Homoflexible, Lesbiflexible, Panromantic, Bisexual, Biromantic, Omnisexual and No Labels
A lot of these labels overlap, and it is up to you and you alone how you choose to identify yourself.

  • Bi:Attraction to two or more genders, and can include non-binary gender(s). Can also be used for attraction to all genders.

[Note: trans is not a gender of its own, trans women are women, trans men are men, and trans non-binary people are non-binary.]
  • Poly: Attraction to two or more genders, but not all genders.
  • Pan/Omni/Multi: Attraction to all genders, or regardless of gender.

[Asexuals (people who do not experience sexual attraction) might choose to use terms like biromantic or panromantic, to highlight that their attraction is only romantic.] 

  • Fluid: Attraction to multiple genders which changes over time. 
  • No Label: Some people don’t like labels, and that’s cool too. Labels are only useful if you find them helpful.
  • Bi-curious: Curiosity about experimenting with gender(s) different to their usual gender attraction.
  • Hetroflexibleor Mostly Straight: Occasional attraction to gender(s) other than their usual opposite binary gender attraction.
  • Homoflexible/Lesbiflexibleor Mostly Gay/Lesbian: Occasional attraction to gender(s) other than their usual same gender attraction.
  • Queer: Not a label solely for those attracted to multiple genders, it is for anyone who isn’t heterosexual and cisgender.
  • Questioning: Figuring out your sexuality can take time for some people, not everyone ‘just knows’.

People often ask what label they should use, but there’s no right answer. Only you can decide what label(s), or lack of labels, feel right for you.

Remember, labels shouldn’t feel constraining, they are only useful if it makes it easier for you to express yourself.
[Lorna, 15 October 2018]