Bi+ Representation In The Media – A Side Project

Bi+ Media Project Graphic

First launched in September 2018 this project aims to review how Bisexuality is represented in the media, how this is changing and what can be done to improve representation.

The initial focus of the project will be on representation in Film and TV, primarily in drama however where possible representation in other entertainment and factual media will also be considered. Over time the study may touch on books, theatre, web based media, fandom, music, video games and print media.

An initial set of bullet points/questions have been put together that this project hopes to look into in more detail:

  • What makes “good rep”? – There is no consensus, what is right for one is not right for everyone
  • Can’t provide trigger warnings for all
  • Can tokenism be better than invisibility/erasure?
  • Should Gay/Bi/Trans/NB actors only be played by Gay/Bi/Trans/NB actors?
  • Queer coding – pros and cons
  • Fandom – extending the universe to provide representation where media fails
  • Saying the word “Bi”
  • Just a phase/a stage to being gay
  • It’s a “Gay Film”
  • Under-representation on screen
  • Lack of openly Bi directors
  • Web Series – The Feels
  • How culture perpetuates mono-sexism
  • All the tropes / Kill your gays
  • How TV is turning the tide on Bi-visibility

Where representation does exist we will attempt to help people find content by providing access to lists and short form reviews.

This is a long term project and will evolve over time.
A separate twitter feed has been created for this project, you can follow it here: @BiMediaProject

I have set up IMDB lists for Bisexual FilmsBisexual TV and Bisexual Directors building on a number of resources that are already out there. As and when I watch (or re-watch) the films listed I intend to provide mini-reviews from a bi-rep standpoint.

[R, 9 October 2018]