A Very Bi+ Awards Season

Usually we’re lucky if we get one film a year, with Moonlight and Call Me By Your Name bringing award-winning bi+ representation to our screens in the past couple of years.This year, twenty-bi-teen is living up to its name. The awards season is coming to a close with the Oscars tonight, and for the first … Read more

The Bi Life Review

I’m going to admit that dating shows aren’t usually my thing, and I was worried that The Bi Life would be over-the-top reality tv at its worst. But I’m happy to say that not only is it a dating show that I could watch without cringing, but it’s also some of the best bi+ representation … Read more

Bi+ Flags

Flying the Bi Flag The rainbow or pride flag has become synonymous with the LGBTI+ community (and by some incorrectly associated with just the gay community). Over time many more flags have been created and adopted to represent groups of people within the LTBTI+ umbrella. Even within the Bi+ community there are various flags to … Read more

Review of The Bisexual

Ask almost any bi person what they want in a character, and they will tell you that they want them to say the word, to have a character that can’t have their bisexuality explained away as ‘just a phase’ or a ‘stepping stone to gayness’.Desiree Akhavan’s new comedy drama has done one better, it not … Read more

BiTastic! 2018

Some of us were lucky enough to attend BiCon this year, a three day convention and conference for all things bi. For those who couldn’t make the trip down to Salford, there was a chance to experience the fun of BiCon at a one day event called BiTastic.Over 100 bi+ people and their allies descended … Read more

What’s In A Name?

Bi+and the ‘Bi+ umbrella’ are inclusive terms used to describe anyone who experiences attraction to multiple genders.   A lot of these labels overlap, and it is up to you and you alone how you choose to identify yourself. Bi:Attraction to two or more genders, and can include non-binary gender(s). Can also be used for … Read more

Bi+ Representation In The Media

Our Bi+ Media Project There is a distinct lack of representation of Bi+ characters in mainstream media, even more scarce is good representation.We are carrying out a review of what media is out there, with the aim of highlighting good examples that people may have missed. Primarily this is looking at TV and Film, however we will … Read more

Bi Visibility Day 2018

Events taking place across Scotland for Bi Visibility Day 2018 Wednesday 19th September 2018, 19:00-21:00, EdinburghBi And Beyond Discussion around bisexuality & visibility.LGBT Centre, 9 Howe St, Edinburgh@Bi_AndBeyond – Facebook EventSaturday 22nd September 2018, StirlingBiTastic! – A one-day workshop programme for bisexual and transgender people and our allies!Forth Valley College, Stirling Campus, Drip Road, Stirling, FK8 1SE@BiTasticEvents – bitastic.orgSunday … Read more

Welcome to Scottish Bi+ Network

Scotland based resources and support for anyone who is attracted to multiple genders. Contact us or find out more on Social Media: More soon